Abhishek Chakrabarty

The average man, who does not know what to do with his life, wants another one which will last forever.

– Anatole France (1844 – 1924)


B.Tech in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from National Institute of Technology Calicut (2005-2009).

Currently working as an Applications Database Administrator with Oracle Corporation, India Development Center, Hyderabad, India.


Reading novels, writing articles and stories, writing poems (English, Hindi, Bengali), painting, pencil sketching, music.


Books: Mainly political fictions and non fictions. Some Favorites are O Jerusalem, The City of Joy, Freedom at Midnight, The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, The Afghan, The Devil’s Alternative, The Day of the Jackal, The Odessa File, The Fist of God, The Fourth Protocol, The Haj, A Beautiful Mind, The Dogs of War, Red Sun.

Music: Pink Floyd, Linkin Park, Evanescence (English), Jal, Fuzon, Strings (Hindi), Fossils, Cactus, Miles, LRB (Bengali)


Opinions expressed here are personal to the last word and are not, in any way, related to Oracle Corporation and/or its affiliate organizations.



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I Say:

1. "Love is an art of looking back towards those few, most desired and the most agonizing moments, in a way, that they pain all the more!"

2. "If my dreams tell me some day that I am wrong, I will not sleep, till I am able to get back to them, with the words: I don't need you anymore!"

3. "Retrospection is always painful. No matter the memories are good or bad, they always make you cry!"

4. "Mother, will you get me that balloon up there in the sky? For if you don't, I will have to shoot it down!"

5. "Love is a Poker deal, wherein, you have the audacity to bet your life, with sheer recklessness, and then, end up losing it to a meticulous bluff!"

6. "First love is the one, you always wish to DIE for. Second Love is that angel, you will forever want to LIVE for. LIFE or DEATH? That's the question to which there is NO answer!"

7. "Love is not a business. Business is about cycles of profits and losses. Love is just about that one LOSS!"

8. "People, who ignore your shamelessly hard efforts - which are true to the depths of your heart - and feel great about it are losers, ignorant enough to realize the fact that, someday someone - much more important to them than you were - will shamelessly ignore them to the extent that no matter even if they put their multiple lives for it, they will always be made to stand outside the door - shamelessly!"

9. "How is it possible for someone to wait so long, even if it is for a second, when he has finally decided to take a step which can either rejuvenate the spoiled relations, or can devastate whatever minimum of it still continue to persist just for the sake of preventing an outright emotional conflict?"

10. "A game is never as serious as life. But what if life itself ends up turning into a game? A dangerous game, which is played to the last minute, by three psychological beings - for one, it is vital; for another, it is fatal; and for the third, its just a bloody game!"

11. "A stranger is always the happiest man on earth. For, neither him nor anyone else around him cares for the other. Complications come up when, by fate, you come to know someone well, and you want the other to hear your heart speak. And after that, it becomes difficult for both to behave as unknowns to each other, or rather, to behave as strangers."

12. "One thing which I always despise, is to become a Philosopher's stone. For then, when I move close to something, which is invaluable to my life, it turns invaluable to the world, and then I never ever get a chance to tell it, "How invaluable you were when you had once belonged to me"!"

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