Comfortably Numb (A Painting)

Comfortably Numb (A Painting)


(Acrylic on Canvas)

The lady on the left is someone who has been betrayed by the only love in her life. This is represented by the wedding ring with the most shining part, the diamond, missing. The pain (the nail) is terrible, but it pushes her towards the light that illuminates her from the other end, in other words, the memories are something that hurt her, but she feels ecstatic thinking about them. The watch with the missing hands represents that these memories are going to be an inseparable part of her, forever. The lady in green is a bride on the first night of her wedding, just a few moments away from probably the first peak, the first orgasm of her life (represented by the rose, a few inches away). The man on the right is a musician, an artist, who is in a state of intoxication, who has doped high, and whose imaginations and thought one will never get to follow and understand (a partially open door. It will close as soon a you try to look at the other, and the luminous side).  The glass is broken, showing that, he has probably reached his limit. The pain that remains hidden in him, which no one ever understood, is shown as a broken guitar (it is slightly understood from his works, but not with the intensity he feels it). But one thing, that is common to all of them is that, if you ask any one of them, at that particular instant, “how are you feeling?”, each one of them will say, ” I HAVE BECOME… COMFORTABLY NUMB… “

(A tribute to the Masters of Rock, Pink Floyd)


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